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Silhouette Scrapbook

The bride made this Silhouette scrapbook herself from an artist's sketchbook, and now it is filled with the Silhouettes and the written good wishes of the couple's friends and family. They glued the pearl necklace on. 

The Perfect Couple in Silhouette

The reception was held outdoors, on a perfect May day, with a waterfall, plenty of foliage, and a nice ocean breeze.  I am so pleased that the couple was willing to sit more than just a few seconds.    I made extras of this Silhouette for family members. 

The Thumb Sucker

How very cute is this?!!  No one escapes my eye.  This child's profile is a little treasure for sure.

Little Darlin'

This sweetie was at the same holiday party as the lad with the cap and the four brothers (see December archive). After getting their Silhouette profiles cut out, the children went to see Santa, then decorated some cookies, and had hot cocoa.
Wouldn't this make a nice cameo for Mom?

"Paper Seller" - the Vintage Silhouette look

This little tyke was so-o-o-o adorable, dressed up in his "Roaring 20s" garb.  A handsome chap.  Someone remarked that he looked like the boys that sold newspapers during that time. Truly a Vintage Theme Silhouette.

Four Brothers

A proud Papa asked me to do a  group Silhouette of his handsome sons at a recent holiday party.  How could I resist?